"Rude awakening, pleasant memories, new discoveries, pattern identification of life's major turning points, fun, learnings at marami pang iba. The best talaga basta tatak Jomar Hilario." - Cherry


 You will get 5 Planning Sessions - 2x a week, every 7pm-9pm, Thurs & Sat
 - online with Jomar & the group. Feb 17,19,24,26, Mar 3.

You’ll create goals and plans during our sessions together. It’s not just a seminar. “)
. You will see different mindsets at play to "up" and increase the likelihood of your dreams coming true.

You’ll see the different ways you can use to track your goal’s progress.


What is unique about this Planning Your Victory 2022 Workshop?

Physical Workbook to be delivered to your address (Shipping Free For PH only)

What works now - you’ll find out what works now, with all the changes in life -in practice, not just in theory.

Taglish - delivered by a Filipino who’s in the Philippines.

Delivered by someone who’s been in your shoes before.

Accessible - non-technical language is used.

Proven - a lot of graduates from previous Success Events can attest to the effectiveness of this event.

Direct Mentoring - you won’t be talking to a “success team member” - you’ll be talking to Jomar, directly.

Live - via zoom with access to recordings - later.

Awesome Music - we carefully select the songs played during workshop to match the topic being talked about.

Access to Videos Recordings
 Access to Exclusive Members Forum #1
Access to Exclusive Members Chatroom #2




How & Why Successful People Use Patterns & Templates To Succeed. — (Be The Studio Audience Online Value : P 5,000)

How To Pay Off Your Loans Intelligently & With No Worries - (Be The Studio Audience Online Value : P 5,000)

Proven Ways of Closing The Sale -

(Be The Studio Audience Online Value : P 5,000)

Secrets to 1000 + Instagram Followers (Value: P 7,900)


  • "I did not expect a format like this. Its exciting!" 

  • "buti na lang talaga sumali ako ngayon, na realize kong ito pala ang matagal ko ng hina-hunger, di ko lang na identify kung ano. now i know...im in the right place,at the right time"

  • "I feel glad that I joined this because it uncovered layers of my own self that I need to be honest with in order to move forward." "

  • ...like puzzle pieces falling into the right places" 

  • "Indeed it's worth your every peso of investment. The activities are sooooooooo cool and fantastic." - Wilbs 

  • "Madali na mahirap... Overwhelming because the lessons incidentally taps our emotions... and fun... yung life movie nakakatuwa nakakagana." - John 

  • "I experienced an epiphany of sorts or a rude awakening, if you may. I wrote down a word representing what to me is my weakness but during the webinar, I was forced to peel at the surface and found out what I really am. It's an innovative format and I am excited what's coming up next tonight and tomorrow." 

  • "Worth it araw araw...realizations, ang dami, patulog na nga lang ako nagiisip pa rin ako...hehe...buti na nga lang may recordings para maulit ko yung ibang exercises, kasi yung iba hindi ko nagawa ng maayos...- Leovi 

  • "Ngayon ko lang na-realize na may trend pala yung ups and downs of life... And kung malalaman mo lang kung ano yung nagcocontribute sa downs, then maybe, maiiwasan ang failures sa buhay. Or at least ma-iimprove mo yung weakness to be able to successfully deal with those life events." - Andrea 

  • "One of a kind talaga ang workshop na ito. Ang dami kong nadiscover sa sarili ko na akala ko wla lng pero malaki pala ang kinalaman kung ano ako ngayon at kung bakit ganito ang approach ko sa buhay.

  • "May mga bagay o pangyayari na kailangan nating balikan upang maintindihan para makapag-move on sa buhay"

  • "Rude awakening, pleasant memories, new discoveries, pattern identification of life's major turning points, fun, learnings at marami pang iba. The best talaga basta tatak Jomar Hilario." - Cherry


  • VIP - Access to 1 on 1  With Jomar (3 x) in 2 months.
  • Pair - Two of you can join with a discount. Lowest price for this event today.
  • Solo - Just you! :)
  • NEW- Installment : 2,490 x 5 months

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    Solo (₱ 13,999)₱13999.00
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    Pair Discount (₱15,999) - (₱ 7,999 each)₱15999.00
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    Solo Chop Chop Installment (₱2490.00/month)5x ₱2490.00

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"Just had a client interview and she thinks my mentor is sooo good. She was impressed and now she's my 4th client.

Now celebrating my first month as full-time work at home woman. Amazing! Thanks, Jomar Hilario!"

Anna T.
Account Executive/Virtual Professional/Blogger

“If you want freedom — financial, emotional or location freedom — Jomar’s training is another opportunity for you to learn, to change your mindset, to start and achieve these dreams. The apps, tools, tips and best practices shared during his courses are very helpful. ” 

Cyzel Calatrava
virtual business manager, social media manager

What other people say...

The course helped me a lot to see social media in a diferent way that I could not only express myself but make myself productive and earn depending on how my WHY drives me to be. It helped me appreciate fellow igmasterclassmates works that I am tagged and to strive to make good works. -Sheryl Culaban

The course is so much fun, having fun while learning something new. I had known a lot of helpful apps, used them and I was wowed about the simple things, or posters that I posted from my circle of friends as well as those who I really don't know. I feel the boast of my self esteem and my confidence about myself increased. -Claudia Tabbada

  This course added my confidence to claim that I am truly an Instagram Master. -Ruth Germano 

  This is very helpfulto any new ig marketers. It is not all about the numbers of your followers it is about real engagement. -Claristine 

  The course is mix of play and profound study. With direct application of the tools you get to enjoy and have fun and get meet new like minded individuals online. What a great way to learn. -Elena 

  I'm so happy and thankful. I was expecting this will run literally at 20 days. I was even asking myself if I'd be able to catch-up and really learn in 20 days...but I was wrong. The course run so smoothly according to how we the students catch-up the lessons. It's so worthy to enroll. And the knowledge I gained are more than what I paid for! -Sabrina Alfonso

  It actually felt like an emotional roller coaster ride.There are times you're happy, excited and elated to learn something new, that you can conquer the world, but there are times when you feel down because people are unfollowing or you have lesser impressions/insight results compared the week before. Well i just overcome this by having a positive mindset, that little growth is still growth.You need to always hustle and always be vigilant in your learning. -Leya

  I learned a lot from this lesson and it becomes a part of my daily routine. I learned that with only my phone and Ipad, I could possibly earn money to help my family. The lessons also makes me believe that I could be creative with the help of the apps that I did not know existed. -Cynthia Marie 

  Felt the pressure whenever my batchmates would be able to deliver & this influenced me to do the same -Ponay 

  Absolutely fun-tastic and AYOS-some! The 20 days is such an effective way to learn and becomean addict with instagram. Love it! -Estrelita 

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